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PTSU Members,

We returned to conciliation again with UNB on April 4th and 5th where we continued to represent our members. During these meetings we made proposals on 'Staffing', 'Vacation Leave', 'Stand By' as well as others. We successfully signed off more clauses in 'Political Leave', 'Vacation Leave', 'Group Benefits', and 'Grievance and Arbitration Procedure'. We have updated our list of articles. We have almost two full weeks from April 29th to May 8th booked for conciliation. It is our intent to work as hard as possible during these two weeks to make as much progress as we can.

In March the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) held a national conference for Directly Chartered Locals (DCLs) in the university sector. Being a DCL in the University sector, PTSU was represented by Chris Miller the Interim-President. The conference was held to identify key areas that University Locals need more support from our national body (PSAC). The summary of the conference is available in English and French (currently archived).

During the conference the attendees were separated into different groups (graduate students, professional staff, etc.) and were asked what can PSAC do better for you? One recurring topic that came up was the ability for DCLs across the country to share information with each other so that we aren't constantly 'reinventing the wheel'. Having access to solutions that other union locals have developed would be beneficial to almost everyone. The topic of 'precarious work' was also discussed, for PTSU this means term positions. PSAC has committed to working hard on this issue in the future. It is a growing trend within the University sector as well as others (i.e. Federal employees). Challenges for bargaining were also discussed, as well as strategies to help this process for our members. Your bargaining team will be reviewing these discussions to help us work towards our first Collective Agreement. One reassuring thing that we learned is that we aren't alone in the amount of time it has taken to accomplish our first contract. Other unions across the country have been where we are and successfully signed a great first contract!

As always your feedback and support is valued and is a key part of our bargaining process. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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